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Nebulae Tutorial by TylerCreatesWorlds Nebulae Tutorial :icontylercreatesworlds:TylerCreatesWorlds 2,348 228 Ashitaka - The Kodama's of the Forest by Juggernaut-Art Ashitaka - The Kodama's of the Forest :iconjuggernaut-art:Juggernaut-Art 57 23 FINER THINGS by Lunarlueur FINER THINGS :iconlunarlueur:Lunarlueur 547 137 Melting sun by Arga-mux Melting sun :iconarga-mux:Arga-mux 58 10 Sea Lion by Arga-mux Sea Lion :iconarga-mux:Arga-mux 48 22 Nax-An commission by imke14 Nax-An commission :iconimke14:imke14 20 3 Nothing Here Stays Gold by Chrysanthi Nothing Here Stays Gold :iconchrysanthi:Chrysanthi 176 43 Crown the Sun by Pudingi Crown the Sun :iconpudingi:Pudingi 450 9 The Catcher In The... Grass by InkScaled The Catcher In The... Grass :iconinkscaled:InkScaled 55 0
Heart- Ch8- END- Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction
Normal people would be completely unconscious after trauma like that. Normal people didn’t shift and stare and hold onto scraps of metal so impossibly tight after experiences like that.
But Ed had proven time and time again that he wasn’t normal.
His eyes were open by the time Hughes and Roy were able to reach his side, blank gold circles that stared at something neither man could see. Roy could make out a plate of metal in the boys hands, pressed to his chest tight enough to turn his knuckles white, but gently enough to not damage the precious blood seal there.
And of blood . . . there was so much of it, and no way to tell who it belonged to. Scar was a mutilated mess lying in the dirt, covered in swollen bruises, deep gashes and red fluid. Roy transmuted the man’s unconscious form to a tree, unwilling and unable to deal with him at the time. He turned away from him in complete and utter contempt. Perhaps it was wrong, but they had enough on their plate without worry
:iconx-rainflame-x:x-RainFlame-x 33 59
Whiteout- Ch5- END Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction
The door to his office opened with a familiar crack! of the knob smashing into the wall behind it. Only one person entered his office with such impunity, so Roy didn’t feel the need to lift his eyes from the stack of papers Riza had so graciously offered as an alternative to being shot. Honestly, the bullet was starting to look more and more appealing. His hand was about to fall off.
“I see you got your leg working again,” Mustang said, signing off on another paper with half-hearted flourish. It was only a day after his day off, which, frankly, wasn’t much of a day off. Mustang certainly did not consider babysitting the Elrics a day off.
Not that the experience had been all bad. There were even some moments that were almost enjoyable, like when they played cards, and Ed kicked his rear in chess, and Roy taught the boys the proper way to make a lasagna. He even managed to sneak down to his basement to do some research for an hour or so.
But putting up with Ed for
:iconx-rainflame-x:x-RainFlame-x 39 54
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The most awesome people <3
:iconchrysanthi::iconparanoya-art::iconchistokrovka: :icon10flyingunicorns: :iconshenim::iconlugiaangel:

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1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other Characters.
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars


Thorontur by Aecrimony
I am going to redo that ref one day

1. Thorontur, or Thore for short, was an adoptable created by LugiaAngel. The moment I laid eyes on his awesome design, I just knew I had to ask for him. I tweaked his current design a bit but never major changes. I hope I can make a proper reference soon...

2. Because I use him in an RP with the awesome paranoya-art I have come up with a whole intricate background story with plotlines and what not. He is one of the two characters to have such a developed background story (along with Mithdragseer).

3. paranoya-art and I first started RP-ing with the horses but later on shifted to humans. It is a tad easier that way, since horses can't really tie their own hair.

4. Thore's partner unfortunately died. Thore is still not over his death.

5. He's really optimistic and tries to see the good in everything but there is a dark part in him which he desperately tries to keep locked up in a steel box.

6. He is an orphan and got enlisted in the army at a pretty young age. There he fought his way to become a top-assassin and ultimately became a traitor because he couldn't deal with his leader's way of ruling anymore.

7. His bones are covered in gold (hence the solid golden horn).

8. He has never seen snow in his life.


Behemoth by Aecrimony

1. This is my beautiful pon, Behemoth (or Moth for short). He was created by the epic Chrysanthi and I am in love with his epic design. 

2. There is always a moth to be found in his presence. This is a Bombyx Mori or the domesticated silkmoth. (little biology fact: the larvae of the bombyx mori are the ones that produce silk).

3. You may wonder: why the frick a silkmoth? Well, Moth has a very soft voice and rarely speaks up. Also, he has a nice way with words and it is often said that he has a voice like silk and a tongue of silver. 

4. When he speaks up, however, he can easily make people shut up. There is this natural authority about him which both frightens and captivates others.

5. He actually has a hard time seeing in light. He used to have orange eyes but after a trauma he could no longer see the light and good in others and he turned very pessimistic. He prefers to reside in the dark because he is afraid to feel hope again.

6. He has a little brother: Elsworth
This sexy stud was also created by Chrysanthi. They kinda departed on bad terms (more like: Els turned greedy and got banished by Moth, which then resulted into Els turning blind...)

7. He prefers to keep his mane braided (lol, that's just because 99% of the time I am having a hard time drawing his mane :'D )

8. There are rumours going on about him that he can foresee the future (which isn't the case) but it has gotten him in quite some troubles.

I tag:
paranoya-art's Cien
Chistokrovka's Pelagos
Etskuni's Alpheratz
Arly-Barly-Wartek's Marzipan


Oh holy flying pineapples, has it really been this long since I posted something on dA? Seems like it has been almost 2 years!

So this is Enya, one of Juggernaut-Art's OC's. I drew her as a gift (which was also a perfect excuse for me to use my new pencils which I have gotten last Summer and haven't had the chance to use yet...)

Don't get me wrong, I have been drawing in the meantime but nothing serious. mostly sketches of ponies and stuff. Nothing worth posting here. dA has kinda gotten into the background for me. Just like drawing. School is incredibly hectic and the little spare time I have, I use to sleep or catch up with shows. 

Anyways, hope you guys are doing well!

Art (c) by Aecrimony
Character + Fever Dreams (c) by Juggernaut-Art


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